hello semi colon's need your advise

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hi all,
hope all is well with everyone fighting this dragon. i have a question to throw out to you all.
i am thinking of changing jobs and that would mean new health insurane. being that i had colon cancer that would be a pre health condition. how would this effect the new health insurance coverage. i appreciate all the feedback and thank you all.


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    I'm not an expert on insurance, by any means.

    I know that my insurance plan is available through many different employers in my area, so I would probably be able to keep the same insurance if I changed jobs here. Perhaps that's an option for you too?

    The "pre-existing condition" label is something that I'd fear too, if I had to change insurers. At least contact the new one and ask, before changing. If they say it is no problem, get it in writing first. Don't give up the old insurance until you are positive your treatments (and any other issues that are important to you) will be covered by the new insurance.

    We have enough other things to worry about in life than whether our health care is paid for. It's a shame that we have to be so careful at this time, but unfortunately, we do.

    I hope someone more versed in insurance answers as well. (It also may vary from state to state, come to think of it.)