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Hi All,

I just went to the onc today and found out what treatment he wants to give me. I would like to hear from others that have taken it. A little background. I was dx 12/19/05 with Stage 3 colon cancer. I had a tumor removed 12/20/05 with 1 node out of 11 found with cancer. They said they got all the tumor and bowel resection went fine. I am now trying some of the natural treatments like juicing, reishi extract, vit. C, green powder and multi vit. I am also not eating any sugar (diabetic), cheese, or red meat.
I am a little worried about this onc because the first treatment was folfox4 which I found out is injected with sugar water. DUH! I'm diabetic here. I told him no and I think he was suprised. Doesn't cancer eat sugar too?? So tell me what you think and how you did on this. the meds are: Irinotecan (Camptosar®),5-Flourouracil (5-FU®, Efudex®),Leucovorin (Folinic acid®). Thanks all. Hugs to everyone on this site for all your help already.



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    Hi there,
    My mom is stage 3 CC had tumor removed surgery went fine and had 1 node out off 11 infected to, but she is not diabetic. She is on OXALIPLATIN, LEUCOVIN, 5 FLUOROURCIL. This is her 1st treatment and she is flying through her Chemo a few days a bit rough. all and all she is feeling great, i'm very thank ful for that. I'm not sure about the diabetic part but i'm sure you'll get lots of responces from others, Good luck
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    No help on the diabetic part but just to answer your question re cancer cells eating sugar. The reason glucose is used is because cancer cells are fast growing and hungry for glucose which means that they (hopefully) will absorb more of the these particular drugs than other body cells. Unfortunately your immune system and other body parts also consist of fast growing cells which means side effects.
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    I've used the regimen you describe. It was tolerable. I had some trouble with constipation alternating with diarrhea, fatigue (though I was able to continue working 3 days a week), and significant hair thinning (a wig helped me deal with that). Overall I found it easier to tolerate than the oxaliplatin I'm currently on.
    I'm glad they are treating you with the big guns. I was originally "stage 3" and I only got the 5 FU and leucovorin pre and post surgery. Developed stage 4 3 months after supposedly completing treatment and being "free" of cancer. Something tells me that if I had been treated with oxaliplatin or camptosar with avasatin post surgery i might be through with treatments by now.
    Good Luck!