radiation damage to colon

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I had colon surgery in May 2005 ..Chemo and radiation ollowed it.. I finished raiation in Nov. and chemo Jan.7, 2006...Had a C.T. done the doctor said I was blocked ...did a scope and he inlarged my colon ...said it was scare tissue from radiation blocking..I have to go again March 1st....Does anyone else have this problem and if so how many times do you have to do it...Vicki


  • JohnWest
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    I have no colon or rectum. Hence the pelvic radiotherapy that I started last week, won't have the devastating effect you are experiencing. I may suffer ileum damage because some might be in the radiation field. Best of luck. See my webpage for more information should you need to have a colostomy/ileostomy — see http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jmwest/ileo.htm