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I'm 53, had a Gleason 6, stage 2 (after final pathology), organ-confined, PSA of 2.4 at time of surgery (2.1 when diagnosed), for which I chose to undergo a laparascopic radical prostatectomy in June of 2005. I was fully continent at three months and remain so today, for which I thank the Lord, but my doctor said with the nerve-sparing procedure that "recovery of erections could take six months." Well, it's been almost eight months and even with the brand name ED prescriptions, there's nothing happening. Am I expecting too much too soon? Just wondering because I'm starting to get discouraged, and I sense that my wife is somewhat frustrated too, although she has been wonderful through this whole ordeal. Any help out there?


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    You might talk to your doctor abou tri mix...It's an injection but it works..And it does not hurt...
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    Hi Pastgeo. Don't get discouraged there is always something out there to help. My surgery was non nerve sparing so I had no expectations of an erection. My urologist however has tried the lot to get it working. Vacuum pump works but makes sex very mechanical, finally came down to caverjet injections which work great, Tri Mix is not always available as it is difficult to mix and also to find a pharmacist that will do it. I am led to believe that pump implants are the best but my isurance doesn't cover that.
    All the best
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    Hi Pastgeo,

    I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma. However, you should not loose faith. Talk to your doctor about the recommendations our fellow members suggested. Also, once you get a little assistance the natural may resume. Your mental state may be influencing your body's reaction.

    Best of luck and keep in touch,

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    yes, I think you are expecting too much too soon. be patient it will come in time especially if both nerve bundles were spared. Have you tried Vacuum pumps? This may be the thing you need in the meantime. From the comments of others I have heard it sounds like it works great.

    Don't get discouraged; your body has been through alot, give it some time to heal. Your body has been shocked by what has happened. It sounds like you got a good deal, much better than what I got. Happy for you!
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    Your message sounds a whole lot like mine. I am 53, had a Gleason of 6, stage 1, PSA of 6.4 at the time of surgery. Which I had a nerve-sparring radical prostatectomy in August 24, 2005. I am still having problems at time being incontinent and with the erection. I use the pump everyother day, but the doctor said to do use the pump twice a day or more, but I am using the pump at least once a day with the rings. But I do get depressed with the fact that I am not having a normal erection as before. But with all the information that I have been reading about ED is that it may take a year or longer to get a normal erection again. I have another doctor appointment in March, so I going to talk to the doctor about this. For now I am calling and talking to the nurse that deals with ED getting information from her. I had tried the injections which did not produce a satifaction erection at that time. The doctor said it my be to early for the injections at three months after the surgery. But I will keep tring to get the erection back to normal. Along with this site I also use which is a prostate site. There is a doctor that is on the ustoo site that will answer or try to answer most questions. The reason that I mention this, is that he has gone through the prostate surgery. All I can say is that we have gone through this and now we have another hurdle to jump before everything will be good.
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    ...I had a nerve sparing rrp about a year and a half age 56...It took a year before I started getting the erectile function back ... once it started returning I used viagra for a while to help it along ... and now I find I don't need viagra any longer ... which makes me very happy with the outcome...everyone is its not possible to predict any individual response....but this was my experience...