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Hey everybody,

While I was in the hospital recently for surgery, my mom bought me a magazine to read - "Spirituality & Health". I like it a lot so far. In this February 2006, there is an aritcle written by Mandi Caruso, a Doctor who happened to have gotten breast cancer. The article focuses on living without fear when you have had a cancer diagnosis.

It is in a lot of ways, the same mantra about living for today without fear, etc - which actually can make anxious sometimes!! But there was a lot about the article that was really uniquely inspirational to me. She had a double masectomy, had her chest tatooed, and has re-gained her strength to start surfing again - but now she does it topless!!!

She didn't do chemo or radiation amazingly - not that I am for or against chossing that route. Anyways...just wanted to ramble a little about this cool article and mag - oh also I guess she wrote a book -"Doors to Heaven"

Hope you have a chance to enjoy,
Maria Gerrald


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    Hey, Maria -

    Thanks for the tip on the book. Hmmm... topless surfing... sounds like a party at Kanga's house...

    - SB
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    LOL....I thought there might be a comment on the topless surfing. Her tattoo is really neat. It covers her whole chest area with an ocean wave and flowers.

    Oops...I guess her book is unpublished and thus not available.

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    Hi there!
    Thanks for the information on the magazine. I am very interested in spiritually in regard to life changing situations, such as a cancer diagnosis. I will look for this magazine at my local health food store. Surfing topless for me is no option. It would not be a pretty sight. Talk about clearing out a beach without a shark sighting... Terri