To william...the emotional toll

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Yup, many if not all of us have anxiety and are emotionally devastated when we get the news we have PC. Like Vic I was mad as hell and it felt totally unfair. At first I kind of went into denial as I was very healthy and I kept saying," this is a terrible mistake." But it wasn't. I really did have the disease. I wanted to kick holes in the walls, but I didn't. I wanted to punch something, but I didn't. I experienced depression after the surgery but not everyone does. The doctor had to tell me I had depression because I thought I was going mad: my feelings and emotions were all mixed up and I had this sadness I just could not shake. Hopefully you will be spared this. Some of us feel like our identity has been attacked as men. We all have different feelings. Of course, the uncertainty about what will it be like after sex is enormous. Will I still be able to have orgasms, and erections? Will I end up incontinent? And so forth. Your feelings are very normal. If you want to talk just let me know and/or post your concerns in this discussion and it may be that several will respond to you and you will get help from many sources.

I wish you well in your upcoming surgery. Keep us all posted on how your recovery is coming along. Okay?