Ovarian/uterine next?

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Hi. I was premenopausal when I was trated for 3b BC in 2002. Chemo seemed to send me into menopause...4 years later, I get what seem to be regular periods 4 months in a row. Now spotting daily...waiting for dr. to see me, and am freaking out. Receptor positive. Was on tamoxifen till 6 months ago when insurance stopped paying. Don't want to go down this road again. The worst is battling fear, and knowing I won't go through it all again...I don't have enough reasons anymore or the strength to fight. It's always a solo battle, and I am just too tired, scared and alone. Can anyone help?


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    Hi Neveragain, I can only imagine your anxiety level. You didn't mention your age at the time of your diagnosis. There is a real possibility the extended time with no periods was a result of the chemo. I've read that most women over the age of 45 when diagnosed will experience a permanent menopause. A minority, however, will experience a return of either regular or irregular periods. Spotting occurs for a variety of reasons and less than 1% of the general population is at risk for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations that increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Telling you that statistics are on your side probably won't relieve your fears but going to the doctor and having it checked out is exactly the right thing to do. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    Hi, neveragain!
    Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I too was treated in 2002 and put on tamoxifen in early 2003. In late 2004 my oncologist switched me to Femara thinking I was definitely postmenopausal having gone without a period since May 2002 soon after starting chemo. Then, bingo! I had a period 6 wks. after switching and a couple of more periods followed within the next 3 months. My oncologist said to go get checked by the gynecologist right after I had the first period. She did a endometrial biopsy and CA 125. Everything was normal. She thought maybe the drug change caused the hormone fluctuation and I wasn't probably postmenopausal after all. She did think I would have only one period but when I had more--though the FSH showed me to be postmenopausal (go figure!)--I knew I would have to go back on the tamoxifen or have my ovaries removed to be able to remain on the Femara. I did end up having a hysterectomy with the ovaries out. I also had ovarian cysts (the kind that you get with ovulation) which the gyn said was further proof I hadn't been postmenopausal after all.

    I know this is a long tale, but I wanted you to know the bleeding could be due to something other than uterine or ovarian cancer. Do go check it out to give yourself some piece of mind! We're thinking of you and let us know how it goes...