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I never expected to hear from so many of you regarding the recent passing of my younger brother, David. Then again....that is what makes this website and group of people so very special. I have absolutely the BEST memories of Dave, and each day I hear his voice and can see his grin-- he was always smiling and never lost his sense of humor, throughout all the treatments and his pain. I feel so fortunate to have loved and known this wonderful person and to have had him as part of my life! Dave never wanted to know much about his illness or prognosis but each of us has our own way of dealing with things. He just kept his positive attitude and was always concerned about everyone else. To Lisa P., Kerry, Kay, Emily, Jana, and all the rest of you who gave support and encouragement: thank you for your kind words and prayers. guys are a hoot and keep us all from havin' a big PITY PARTY!!!!! I will continue to read the posts and personally "cheer" everyone as they continue their journey on this interesting, if sometimes bumpy, road. May God continue to bless you. Lynnie


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    Hiya Lynnie.I don't think there would be a soul here that has not been grieved by the loss of a loved one. Sometimes one can find that time very lonely. When I was 13 y/o I lost my dad to kidney/heart failure and it was a difficult time growing up without a father. The hurt stayed with me for a long time but now even at my age(49)I still shed a tear for him 'cos he was my mate.The thing is Lynnie that time has made it a little easier and memories of good times come to me more often than the sadness. I truly hope that you will know in time that it does get easier to bare.Keep the memories alive and know that David is always looking over your shoulder...that I really do believe!
    btw...a pity party is also a good thing. Although laughter is supposed to be the best medicine a good release of sadness, anger and lots of emotion can also relieve the stress too....remember that.
    huggs from oz, Ross and Jen
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    My deepest sympathy to you and your family.