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To answer to all the questions, I'm 46 and have 2 teenagers. Yes, I live in USA. The tumor was .6 cm. They inserted a "ballon" in my breast and the radiation will go tru a " port " that was also inserted. They said that because is so small radiation is all I will need. I wa dx with colon cancer a year ago...now I'm on remission.
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    Dear alta29, Thanks for the additional info, I know it sounds weird but there is a difference for the pre and post meopauseal age groups. Glad you have two healthy teens. The radiation you speak of will be so pinpoint you may feel no side effects at all, at most some fatigue. It is always scary to hear the word cancer and to hear it in two different spots for two different reasons seems unusually cruel. I wish you the best and hope this new year brings you only good news. Louise