new primary cancer but NED on colon cancer

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Hi !
Wanted to let you guys know that the mass that was found on my breast was breast cancer, not colon...which is GREAT news !!!I'm sure you have never met anyone been so happy because Dr. told her that was breast instead of colon. The other good news is that is SOOO small that i will NOT need chemo, only radiation for 5 days twice a day and it did NOT spread to limp nodes . WEEEEEEE. The other good news is that my CT scan and PET scan came back NED. I changed onco ( didnt liked my 1st one ) and he is keeping a very good eye on me. Hate this disease, but your positive notes helps me out a lot. Now i wanted to pay back a little bit with this good news. This coming Jan 21st will be my 1st aniverssary since I was Dx with stage IV colon cancer.
God bless you ALL..........


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    Well, um ... congratulations, I guess, on your breast cancer diagnosis. But even more than that, congratulations on your CT/PET scan results! I hope that you will have many, many, many more anniversaries to celebrate.

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    Congrats, Congrats!!
    Can tell that you are in good spirits and ready to fight and win! Isn't it great to have a doc who you feel is really working for you? Every time I left my surgeon's office, I felt as if I was walking on air - even with cancer! He has offered to, in conjunction with my gastro, oversee my post-chemo search and rescue and I am thrilled for the offer; so glad that yor onc is on the ball for you as well. I am very happy that you are so happy and so positive.
    Wishing you the best in 2006 - and far, far beyond -- Maura
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    Alta -

    Well, "congrats that you have breast cancer" seems an odd thing to say here, but I am glad thta you have found a good onc and you are working together with him/her and you have such a positive attitude - keep it up!

    Good to know that you are doing so well.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2006.

    - SpongeBob
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    Great news on the colon ca NED. Also really good news that you caught the breast ca early. What a great attitude you have!
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    Wow - what a great attitude you have. It sounds like the breast cancer is very early and curable and so much better than a colon cancer recurrence. So, all things considered, it is better news than it might have been. I wish you well and truly admire your great attitude.