lupus and liver disease

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has anyone develope lupus after stem cell transplant. my doctor told me i have it, which is hard to believe i do not have any symtoms.
i had my gallbladder removed and a liver biopsy done last week. they said i had a fatty liver and early signs of cirrhosis. i really don't drink that much i have a glass of wine every now and then, one of the surgeons said it could be form the chemicals. but no cancer!!!!!!


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    Hi Vac,
    I don't know about the Lupus or stem cell transplant,but I too was told that I had a Fatty Liver.I don't drink often either,actually now none.But they said mine was caused from my triglycerides(sp) being so high for so long,that if not treated it could possibly turn into Cirrhosis.I don't know ,it could be alot of things I guess, but I would think that they would try to pin down the cause in order to find a suitiable treatment to try and reverse the livers function.I did do a little research on the fatty liver ,also ,if not caused by alcohol it is called NASH.Don't be fooled by some of the information out there claiming to give a cure or quick fix-it took time for the Liver to get to this stage and it will take time to reverse it.From what I've read the liver starts storing the fat that it use to get rid of,so it more or less has to be retrained to function properly.Speak to Your Doctor about what You can do Yourself to get started.Sometimes a change in diet may help to some point,but talk with Your Doctor please or get another opinion.
    Let us know how You are doing-Take Care--Sue