blood transfusion tomorrow

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Hi everyone,
I hope you are all feeling well.
I will be having a blood transfusion tomorrow because of low counts. I know that this will make me feel better as I've been extremely wiped out, but it is very frustrating to have to spend all day sitting at the hospital tomorrow. Yuck!!!!!!!!!! I finally had a day with no appointments and am feeling better after last weeks chemo. I was looking forward to doing a little shopping and enjoying the day.
I just needed to vent, so thank you for listening!
Take care,


  • CAMaura
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    Hey Jamie -- So sorry that you will be in a chair for a while tomorrow....but you will feel so much better. And, I have to say, when I received my transfusions, I had the sweetest nurses around me. Always made me feel special and very well-attended to. You'll be able to shop very soon. Take care and all the best -- Maura
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    Good luck and will be thinking of you. Hope you get a chance to reschedule that shopping/relaxing day sometime soon! Vent anytime. I just had to spend half the day at the hospital today, unexpectedly -- grr! So I can sympathize! Hope the transfusion makes you feel terrific.
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    Hi Jamie,

    Changing our plans due to medical issues is always extremely frustrating. It is good to hear you are rebounding from your last chemo infusion. Just think how well you will feel after the extra blood! Hopefully you will have even more energy to get your shopping completed.


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    oh! i can relate to looking forward to a day of shopping while you are feeling halfway decent.
    here's to feeling even better after that transfusion!
  • StacyGleaso
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    Hi Jamie,

    I remember I had to get a transfusion before I could even be given chemo. My hemoglobin was down to a 6, and I the doc said, "Aren't you tired literally ALL of the time?!?" And all I could think was, "Isn't anybody who has 3 young kids AND works outside the home full time tired all the time?!??!"

    This will help you get the meds you need to get in the right side of healthy!

    Best wishes,