possible changes to my chemo

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Last week, I posted how I was worried about by care. I have been on Erbitux and Camptosar for eight weeks because of recurrent liver metastases (6) and peritoneal lymph nodes (4). I had a scare last week as my CEA went to 49 and my onc. freaked. She said that she wanted to stop taking CEAs and CAT scans and just continue my treatment in hopes that I make it to the next week. This week she calmed down (at least one of us is an adult) and will be consulting with my Dr.s at Sloan. She feels that it may be best to go back to FULFIRI. I am also getting CAT/PET scans, CEAs and second opinions at different hospitals in the next few weeks. As I am currently on Erbitux every week and Camptosar every week,for all its worth, my intuition tells me that my cancer is responding somewhat to Camptosar, but not as much to Erbitux. I'm wondering if anyone feels that going back to FULFIRI at this stage would make sense. I had 5 treatments of FULFOX last year and my liver lesions disappeared, but came back three months later. I had it resected, but peritoneal nodes developed three months later. When I was put on Avastin and 5FU at that point, I had major migraines and was put on Avastin and CPT11. However, while I was on that, 6 new liver lesions developed. Now, it's Erbitux and CPT11 and my CEA is going crazy. Thanks for listening.


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    It really sounds like you need a second opinion; you are getting a lot of mixed messages. My Onc doesn't seem to get too concerned about CEA-although is is a tumor marker in most people, it's not consistent from all I've heard. Bud
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    I agree with Bud, and am glad you are getting a second opinion soon. I'm sorry that your oncologist freaked. I have read that one's CEA can be elevated due to chemo. It seems like that going back to oxaliplatin would make sense since you responded so well to it originally. However, I know nothing about all the newer drugs which are showing so much promise. Let us know what you decide.