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OK, the totally "anal" one is back. I haven't been here for a while. I've checked out every Med web site on the internet and could find nothing on my problem, then I thought WOW, check with the PROs.

So here goes--The end of last Jan. I developed a radiation ulcer in my anus.(caused by the internal radiation treatments) My surgeon, being the surgeon that he is, did an ostomy to devert the bacteria in hopes that the ulcer would heal. Needless to say this didn't work, so then he went in and disected the ulcer down to the scar tissue--no, that didn't work either. During all of this I was also seeing a colorectal specialist?? that was confirming everything being done. She did give me a shot of Botox on both sides of my anus, for the excruciating pain, after I ate 100's of pain pills and went thru boxes of pain patches.(Now I have the all new no-wrinkled butt hole) So anyway I took it upon myself to do Hyper Baric Oxygen teatments. (60-2hr. teatments) I do finally feel that the ulcer has healed-will have another ultra sound in Jan. to know for sure.

Anyway--my problem for the Pros is--mucus drainage from the anus. It is a real problem for me. Figured that if anyone would know about this it would be the Pros. If anyone of you can give me any ideal on how to control this I wll be deeply indebted.

Thanks for being there, I hope all is as well as can be. Happy Holidays! Patsy


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    You might also post your question on the International Ostomy Assn website-there are a lot of "Pros" there also. I'm not sure but think the URL is Nanuk