Weight loss after all this?

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Hi! I'm 6 months out from radiation (35 treatments)after left mastectomy (3B, lobular, HER neu)12 chemo treatments (8 A/C,4 taxol), currently on Femara.
During all this I've gained about 45 pounds, and I would really like to lose them. I am a lifetime member at weight watchers, but I just can't seem to get back into weight loss. Mentally, I'm just not into it. Has anyone else felt this? How did you deal with it?


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    Good to be done with Treatments! Congratulations.
    I am 3a, lobular, er/pr+, and her2+, with same chemo and radiation treatment. I am on arimidex. I gained weight, as I think we all do. I have not lost much weight but lost the fluid build up. Chemo brought on the menopause so that changes things also.
    I have found it a struggle as well to get any weight down. I was also very contienticouse about weight. And have felt like you do and the treatments do take alot out of everyone that goes through this. and then some.
    Sometimes the medication that we end up on can have an effect on our ability to drop pounds also. The hormones that are blocked keeps us cancer free is can change the way we metabolize foods that we eat.

    You are not alone.
    Take care and be easy on yourself.
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    I have the same DX and treatment record. I gained 45 lbs. Never got it off. Have been rediagnosed with mets to the spine. Got to wonder if it would have come back if I had listened to the Dr when he warned me that fat glands/cells produce estrogen. I'm trying now to get it off and it seems like I am gaining more. I am on a monthly shot of Faslodex to block the estrogen, monthly bone builder called Zometa and weekly Herceptin infusions ... all say may cause weight gain!! I don't mean to sound flip but whatever happened to losing weight when you have cancer???? Anyway, I'm sure it can be done ...I haven't been able to but if it's any encouragement being slimmer vs. fatty gives you better odds of not having a recurrence. Good luck ...if you come across a magic formula please let me know!!!!
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    I find this discussion very interesting. I wonder if anyone has done a five year study on the following: Women who choose not to take hormone blocking drugs, tamoxifen etc and have kept their weight down to very little fat or weight gain, those who have taken the drug and managed not to gain weight, a rare bird, and those who have gainned weight on the tamoxifen. What has the reaccurance been in these groups? Are we taking a group of drugs that cause weight gain and there fore giving us the same odds of getting cancer back. I still take tamoxifen after three years have gainned about six pounds so not bad but not great either considering I eat very little, no meat, no dairy, and very little sugar. I took amiridex for six weeks and was so hungery and had eye problems that I soon gave that up. Linda