"Activity" found in spleen area

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My brother was diagnosed last January with Hodgkins. (He is 60 years old). He went through a course of chemo and did very well. He's gained weight, hair has grown back and he says he feels great. The CT scan prior to this last one showed some "small activity". The doctors told him they suspected it was scar tissue (healing process). He just had another scan and the "small activity" has gotten larger around his spleen area. He is scheduled for a Pet Scan in early December. He seems to be handling this very well but I'm a nervous wreck. I'm frightened and don't know where to turn. I am trying to stay as positive and hopeful as he is. Most of the messages that I've been reading are messages of hope. I would love to hear from some of you out there who could help us get through this setback. Thank you for being here.



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    We had a similar situation with our son. He was diagnosed in July with Hodgkins. He underwent two rounds of chemo and before he started his radiation he had a CT scan and PET scan. The Pet scan showed an increased "Uptake" in one of his ribs. Scared us to death!! The doctors told us that it would be very unusual for the Hodgkins to come back so aggressively, especially since he had just finished his chemo. But they needed to be sure so they ordered a bone scan a few weeks later. The bone scan came back negative!! They really didn't have an explanation as to what the spot was on his rib, so we proceeded with radiation. We are due back for a follow up in two weeks. I know that it is so hard to stay positive and hopeful. It is difficult to not know what in the world is going on in your loved ones body. You wonder everyday about setbacks and pray for the best. Hang in there, we are.