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jaredsmom Member Posts: 5
Jared completed his radiation treatments last week and now he can't taste anything. The doctors told us this is a temporary thing and that his taste will come back. Has anyone else had experience with this and how long did it last?


  • positive
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    Hello Jareds mom: Yes, my dad lost his tastebuds and that is very normal. It is fustrating for Jared, foods he onced liked are not desirable. It took my dad a good 7 months to a year to get his tastebuds completely back. I think it took about 5 or 6 months to at least get partial taste back. Please try not to worry, the tastebuds do come back. Jared hang in there, my dad is 72 years old and doing great! He had Stage IIA 2 years ago and feeling well. It is not an easy road and its tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, you'll see. You have the most curable cancer in the world. My dad also got sore throats, but I have to say the radiation was a breeze compared to the chemo.

    God Bless and hope your feeling better soon.
    Valerie NY
  • conniei
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    I received my first chemo in July 2005 and finished in October. I don't have my full taste buds back yet. Not to worry, it does seem to take between 6 mos and a year. God bless you and yours and I will add Jared to my prayers for a speedy recovery. :)
  • nathalie
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    I had chemo and radiation but I started getting my taste buds back a week or two after I stopped chemo. They told me I would also lose my taste buds during radiation but I never did (thank God).Everyone is different, I guess!