Orchiectomy vs Hormone Therapy

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I have been on Hormone Therapy (Eligard) since March 2003. My PSA was 31.0 and the RP was aborted when it was found that one of my lymph nodes was affected. The HDT was successful in bringing the PSA down to 0.2. However my PSA recently rose from 0.2 to 0.8 and then 2.0 indication that I was possiby becoming hormone resistant. My doctor placed me on Casodex as well but I'm not due for another PSA test until next week. I know that Orchiectomy (surgical castration) causes permanent shutdown of testosterone production but I wonder if it also stops the advance of the cancer cells? I plan to ask my Doc about this next week but I thought I would throw it out here for some feedback. My recent bone scan was normal and I have absolutely no symptoms.


  • stuart
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    After treatment my PSA was less than 0.1...It began to rise recently and I went on Casodex...It dropped...My feeling is to go with medication until it no longer works...Castration for me would be the last resort... I hope the best for you...
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    I'm not a doctor but my impression is that since the "chemical castration" has begun to fail I don't see how "physical castration" would be to any advantage since both methods are not "cure-alls". However check with your doctor to see what he say's.
    Good luck, Benji
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    my father had bee on hormonthrapy since nov2004 but now his psa rose from 2 to 8.Doctor offered orchiectomy.He said first my father's testostron should be measured. if it has high level, it means that the medication doesn't work anymore he should have orchiectomy in order to reduce level of testostron otherwise he had to have chemothrapy....