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My friend who is two days into his Xeloda/radiation treatment for rectal cancer has had a blockage for months causing constipation with pressure and pain. I've read that blockages can be dangerous and require immediate surgery. I'm very concerned about this pain. The doctors involved (four or more) gave him morphine (which he won't take) and said the radiation will shrink the tumor down and eventually reduce the pressure. Has anyone out there had chronic blockage? Did it dissapear with radiation? Did anything relieve the pressure and/or pain? I'm so tired of seeing him suffer from this. He now finds sitting uncomfortable making it difficult to drive which he must do to get to treatment. He's okay if he's standing but one can't stand for 24 hours a day. Thanks for your comments.


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    I haven't experienced this kind of blockage, but it doesn't seem appropriate to ignore any kind of intestinal blockage. Usually this is a situation requiring immediate attention..esp. if there is pain associated with the problem. nanuk