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To anyone who may be able to help. I finished Radiation treatment on July 21st 2005. 6 weeks later I noticed that the breast that had had the Lumpectomy on was increasing in size. I had a check up appointment with my Radiologist who just didn't seem interested in my concern. I have bought an expensive sports bra as several friends had said that might help but I still keep getting larger. The only problems I seem to be able to find answers to are Lymphadema in the arm or leg. Surely I can't be the only person with this type of swelling. I have got to the point of 10 on the scale of 1-10 worrying about this problem. I live in Canada.


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    I don't know how much this will help but I had breast swelling, discomfort (sometimes pain) and heat associated with the lumpectomy for at least a year after the operation. It has gone back to its normal size and there is no discomfort now. This is two and a half years after the operation. I suspect that there is scarring and swelling for a longtime before things actually heal.
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    I too had a radiologist who didn't seem interested in my concern. Because of that I did develop lymphedema in my breast. according to research I located only 1.7% of women who have a sentinel node biopsy develop breast lymphedema. And 1 in 5 will develop lymphedema after breast cancer surgery & radiation sometime within a 20 year period. My suggestion is that you go back to your surgeon and ask for a referral to a CERTIFIED Lymphedema specialist. That's what I did, and with special garments and exercises mine is finally in control. I still have good days and bad. If you have other questions, please email me.
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    Hello Sun,
    4 years after radiation competion, I noticed the difference of my right and left breast. Now it has been 13 years and there is a 2" difference.
    Those are the side-effects of the radiation. It took almost 2 years before I could sleep comfortable on my side.
    But now it feels normal. Fitting into a bra is a bit inconvenient. Stay away from the under-wire bras.

    HUGS and best wishes