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Are there any semi/colons/survivors out there who reside in the Couer D' Alene / Spokane Area? I'm new to the area, and want to connect with groups,
practitioners, and/or treatment facilities, esp.
alternative / CAM practitioners. Please contact me through CSN mail. Thanks, Bud (Nanuk)


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    Hiya Bud!!!!!

    I don't think Spokane is too far from Seattle and there are lots of good places there. There is the place where Quillan is nutrtional director, Seattle Cancer and Treatment Wellness Cntr. which is supposed to be awesome........There are also lots of naturopaths. etc around there. Let me know if you need me to do any more detailed searches. I am not very familiar with the area so give me some milestones.

    Hugs honey and please keep us posted.

    Lisa P.