xeliri + avastin

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Hey all:
If anyone on this board is on xeliri and avastin can they let us know? My husband has to make a treatment decision of folfiri plus avastin OR xeliri plus avastin. We have heard folfiri and xeliri work about the same but he much prefers the thought of taking the 5FU orally rather than have a continuous infusion pump home with him over 2 days (folfiri)...any input would be very much appreciated.


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    i was on folfiri, but didn't get the 5 FU by infusion. I did the 5 FU by infusion prior to my surgery along with radiation and didn't tolerate it well so my onc didn't want to try that again. I got the 5 fu weekly, either iv push or infused in over 15 min.
    I'm now on folfox, and i still get the 5 FU as above. I asked about xeloda (oral 5 FU). My onc told me he felt this was tolerated poorly compared to the 5 fu, so we haven't gone down that route.
    Good luck with your decision