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My Dad had his 1st scans this week since starting the camptosar/Erbitux combo in September. The tumors have shrunk 30 - 40% which the Dr. was very pleased with. Particularly with the progress in his liver. The Dr. is going to keep him on this combo for 4 more cycles and do scans again. Once the tumors have shrunk completely he will put him on a maintenance schedule with the Erbitux. My Dad's tumor did not express the EGFR gene but the Erbitux is working anyway. Thank God. The Dr. said my father wouldn't live past Christmas-LAST YEAR!! Here we are heading for Christmas this year and things are looking good. Just another reason to say "don't listen to negative statistics - the Dr's don't know how much time any one individual has".

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    Deneen - that is such great news about your Dad.

    You are so right about ignoring the negative statistics. Fortunately some previously unknown part of my brain kicked in when I was diagnosed and told me to pay no attention to numbers. It has really helped me maintain a positive outlook and so far I am actually doing very well.

    Stay positive and enjoy Christmas with your Dad!

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    Hi Daneen,
    Great News!! Just another reminder to ignore the negative statistics....which I keep forgetting to do.
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    Hi Doreen first of all that great news!! I actually emailed you with some questions. When you have a change can you get back to me. Thanks Mindy
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    awesome news...I just love it when one of the semi-colons beats the Doctors "dire" predictions...keep strong- I am so glad the comination for your Dad is working.
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    Deneen, I am so happy for your dad! That is great news. Hoping he spends many more Christmas' with you and your family.

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    Btrcup said:

    Deneen, I am so happy for your dad! That is great news. Hoping he spends many more Christmas' with you and your family.


    Great news Dineen..and guess what? I don't think the people who make the statistic realise that after this xmas there will be another one in 12 months...then another, then another etc. etc.
    We hope that your dad can meet up with our mate NED before xmas 2006!!!!
    Kanga n Jen