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Does anyone know the side effects to Herceptin? I was watching Good Morning America and was wondering why I have not been put on it. I have many other complications and that could be a reason why I did not recieve this. So before I call my doctor and bug him, I thought I might ask you all if there was some side effect that would keep me from being on it. I am HER2+, stage 2b. Thanks Cammie


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    I heard that heart damage is one side effect. I forget the percentage of Herceptin patients affected -- maybe 3% or 4%. Definitely check it out with your doctor.
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    Hi Cammie
    I am going to my Dr to discuss going on Herceptin this coming Tuesday. My original DX was also IIB Her2/new and I did not get Herceptin at that time. I was told that it was for advanced stage cancer. Well ... I now have advanced stage cancer and I have the Herceptin in my arsenal of weapons to fight this dreaded disease. But I have to wonder if I had taken it with my first treatments 4 years ago maybe I would be in this position now. Please ask your Dr ... I feel like it would have helped me. Good luck. Jamie
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    Cammie, I was in a trial in 2000 to see if early stage BC w/her-2-neu would benefit from adding Herceptin with Taxol. I was randomized into the group to receive standard treatment with no Herceptin. My Oncologist told me that he believed so strongly in the benefit of Herceptin that he would give it to all of his patients if it were not so expensive. The insurance companies would not pay for Herceptin unless there was a cancer recurrance. That may have changed now that there is so much news reporting on this drug. I plan to check with my ins, to see what their position is now. I know there is a potential for heart damage and the heart must be monitored closely, but A/C is also very hard on our heart. While taking the first phase of chemo, the A/C, I had a MUGGA every three months to check my heart. Ask Goggle about Herceptin and it will give you a lot of good information. Check with your Doctor as planned and let us all know what he tells you. Big Hug, Nan