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My dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in May 02. It came back to his liver in April 04 (operated and back on chemo) and October 05 (operated and starting chemo soon). According to the surgeon his tumors are slow growing. My question is about spread to the lungs. What are the odds that it will spread to the lungs after four years post diagnosis? He recently had a colonoscopy and it was clean (does not need another one for three years). Basically, what are your doctors telling you about survival rates, etc.. I thought that if it did not come back to the original source in three years, you had a better chance for survival and it would probably not go to the lungs. Also, our surgeon told us that if it only came back to his liver (not the original source) and we could have surgery to cut it out, we were still on the 5 year plan. Anyone else heard something like this?




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    Hi I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer Oct2004, Had chemo and then surgery in Jan 2005. It was pretty bad and I had to have a permanaent colostomy. But the surgeon said they got it all. I did another round of preventive chemo. I then had a full scan done Aug 5th. This found I had metastic cacner to the lung. One tumor in the left lung 1 inch in size and multiple lesions all thru noth lungs. That made me inoperable. So I am now in a round of chemo with the newer drug Avastin. I have one more treatment in about 9days. Then we will do a scan to see if it is working. I told my doctor I was not going to spend the rest of my life on chemo. He understood but felt strongly that I should try this drug to get it in remission. I am young (45) and a healthy male other than the cancer. So he feels I could be one of the 8% in the five year survival. I know the odds are not good. But I intend to fight all the way to the end. I continue to function daily, other than the 3 days I am on chemo. If I choose to stop the chemo I will still fight all the way to the end. I will not crawl in a hole and die. I hope the best for your father.
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    Hello, I think it is a very good sign that so far it has not spread to lungs, maybe it won't at all. However, I also think nothing is written in stone> he was fortunate to be a candidate for liver resection, so many people aren't. It's encouraging that the onc says 5 year plan still on horizon. Good luck to you and your dad and don't forget to take care of yourself.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Jennifer, thought you may like to hear from a long term girl. I had a hemicolectomy for primary cancer with node involvement and a liver resection for mets in December 1993. Since then I have had a few other bits removed but I am cancer free. I had 5flu plus levamisol once a week for 52 weeks and it cured me. The mets in my liver have not returned ever. Best of luck to your Dad.