it was the gall bladder!

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Hello my fellow survivors!
I wanted to update everyone who may have read my posts regarding the severe back pain that I had endured for the past two months. There was a tumor on my spine, but they were 98% sure that it is a hemangioma, and not the source of pain. On that notion, my surgeon removed my gall bladder on the 10th, which was a mess. THe scans did show one tiny stone, but upon removal the common bile duct was attached completely to the entire gall bladder and she found another stone the size of a golf ball, if not bigger. My rib and middle back pain is completely gone now! I feel human again. I can't thank all of you enough for your kind replies and wonderful prayers!


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    I'm soooo happy for You - I can't believe that golf ball sized stone didn't show up on any of the test they performed-WOW! I'm so glad You finally have found relief---Great News!!!
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    Dear Angelpie, so happy for you! Kudoos to the doctor who saw beyond cancer to the cause of your pain. Glad you are feeling better. (Bad gall bladder, bad!) Good luck.