Please Pray for My Dad

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Hi Everyone, my dad Bob goes for his Cat Scan in two weeks to see if the tumors are shrinking and Im already sick to my stomach thinking about it. I really believe in the Power of Prayer and I please ask if you could keep him in your Prayers that the Chemo is working. He has an un operatable tumor in his abdomon and mets to his lungs and he is really depressed and I know it will help if he could get some good results. I pray for all of you out there with cancer and to all of you with loved ones with cancer. Its the hardest thing I have every had to go through. I just adopted a baby girl from Guatemala and I just want my dad around to so he and she can get to know each other. Thanks to everyone and my prayers are also with you. Mindy


  • finner
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    Hi Mindy
    I wish you all the best possible outcome,

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    Hi Mindy, I will keep both of you in my prayers. Trust me when I tell you I know exactly how you feel. Whenever my dad gets close to his scans, I also get literally sick to my stomach. It truly is horrible what this disease makes you go through.

    I will pray for good results. I'm sure all will be well.

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    Hi Mindy,

    I will be remembering your father in my prayers. I hope that your dad's scans will show that his treatment is working.

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. May she bring you much comfort and happiness.

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    Hi Mindy. I know what you are dealing with, as I lost my mother to colon cancer, then a few years later my father had it twice (he beat it both times), and now I have it. This disease is as much an emotional trauma as a physical one. But at least you know that you are not alone.

    COngratulations on your recent adoption. I hope that your new daughter and father have many years together.

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    remembering your dad, you and your new daughter in prayer.
  • chynabear
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    goldfinch said:

    remembering your dad, you and your new daughter in prayer.

    May God bring you days filled with NED and a beautiful new daughter.

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    Sending prayers, best wishes and positive vibes your way. Hoping for all the best.