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Hi, My name is Ferne and my husband was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in March of 2004. He underwent chemo/radiation/surgery and as of now is cancer free.
It is so scary worrying that it will show back up somewhere else! He has had some problems with his sugar lately, so we are getting that checked out.
It is so hard to look at his worn down body. He has lost so much weight and doesn't gain it back. He gets very discouraged because he has no energy.
We have been married 35 years and have survived the death of a child. I don't want to lose him too!
If you have a loved one with this cancer, I'd love to talk.



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    My boyfriend of 5 yrs was just recently diagnosed with EC. He just had his first operation for a J-tube and seems to be doing okay. I, however, am just starting to realize the severity of this disease. I had a breakdown the other day in the hospital and our treatment (chemo and radiation) hasnt even begun yet. He has lost about 75 pounds and looks as though he has aged 20 yrs in the last month. He is very grouchy and doesnt want my help with anything. Im not sure how to deal with this and could use a little advise. Anything you could tell me would help. Thanks
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    My dad was just diagnosed with EC in February 2006. He never smoked, only an occasional drink, ate right, exercised vigorously everyday. By the time he was diagnosed it had spead to his liver. He is doing remarkably well right now. He is into his second round of chemo and radiation every day. How is your husband? I know the outlook for this cancer is very grim but I refuse to believe that he cannot beat this thing. I wish I could find survivor stories with people who have had it spread to the liver. Have you heard of any? I wish you and your husband the best.