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Ok I think i have good news but i'm not sure. my dad had his ct scan today and everything looked fine except for a tiny spot in his lung that was there last time but it looks a little more "conspicuous" but nothing to worry about evidently. The radiologist thinks its a granuloma.

DOes anyone know what a granuloma is???? Evidently this "granuloma" looks like it may have increased in size a tiny bit. Now i'm worried even though the radiologist told me i shouldn't.

Any thoughts guys?



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    Hi Susana,

    This just proves they have to mention and look into EVERYTHING! My mother had 'granulomas' in her lungs when she was first diagnosed. Nothing to be concerned about. They will watch it because they have to watch EVERYTHING but I wouldn't worry.

    My mother's MRI is booked for Friday. We get results on Tuesday, hopefully I'll post a positive message to post!

    Julie :)