dont no what to do

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i had hodgkins in 89 3b it was like walking into a brick wall.i thought i was in good health.but i had a not come up under my right arm no big deal i thought.went to doc he siad it was catscratch fever huuuuum i dont have a cat .any why a chest xray told other news .the doc sent me to md anderson in huston.i have beat the cancer for now but i get so scared when i get sick or think i have found a it still has the uper hand on me.i had a not come up on my right nut its at the top of it.i went to the doc he said i had a hernia.he did a sonagram which showed nothing elese.i had surgery to fix but the not has gotten today i go to my cancer doc to have him take a feels like i have been kicked in the nades.but all i can do is pray thatit just feels that way and not another round of this stuff for a better word .thanks for listing please keep me in your thoughts ill will right back when i find out moore.


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    I will be praying for you. I've only finished treatments for Hodgkins recently. chemo and radiation. I know the fear that comes with the thought of going through it again, but also know that God is bigger than the disease..any disease. he wants to be there to comfort and support you if you'll let him. cancer sucks. I couldn't make it without him. again, I will be praying for you.