Radiofrequency Ablation

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Have any of you had Radiofrequency Ablation on your liver and was it succesfull, my dad is supposed to have this as his heart is not strong enough to take the liver resec... I am so scared for my dad, I just don't want to give up hope for him, but things are getting worse not better. We were so looking forward to this operation. My dad has the biggest heart it's just hard to understand how it's not strong enough to fight this HORRIBLE disease. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks
Julie Marie


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    I am a radiology nurse and the hospital where I work did it's first liver RFA last week in radiology. It is so much less invasive than surgery and is supposed to have good results. The one we did was done in Cat Scan. Is that how your dad's is being done? The patient tolerated it well.

    The results are usually good from what I heard. I will add your dad to my prayer list.

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    Hi Julie Marie,

    I had RFA last October for a couple of small mets to the liver. This was after 7 months of chemo and was done just to make sure they were dead. They showed up on CT but not on PET. My RFA was done with ultrasound. I have been NED since last October. Mike