I Love NED!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have been reading everyone's posts but have been so nervous about my boyfriend's scan last week that I haven't been able to think straight at all. Well.... his CT scan is clear!!! He had 3 or 4 mets to liver in June. I love erbitux!! Onc said that he can't believe the results and that we should be "cautiously optimistic"!! He is staying on erbitux and changing from 5FU to another Chemo (tablet form). I think it's the one that some of you mentioned that can cause sore hands and feet. It's called something different in Ireland I think than over there.(couldn't take it all in on Friday when I heard the news). Another scan in 3 months- think they will so CT and PET next time. It's the first good news in a year that we've had. Thanks all so much for all the information and discussion- it has been so unvelievably helpful.



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    Glad to hear your boyfriend scans were clear I know the feeling. I hope he has many more, hope you're celebrating the good news. Livin
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    Great news! Judy