hows Sponger?

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I have not seen Bob post since he told us of his recent visit to hospital re; "his waterworks".
Bob????....where art thou 'ol buddy. Are you ok mate?
From yer mates in oz big fella!
luv Ross n Jen


  • Btrcup
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    Hey Ross, Bob emailed me after his post. He is now in the Baltimore area and we are hoping to meet. Hope he is ok too.

  • alihamilton
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    Hi Linda, can you get Bob to post? He must know how we are anxious to hear how he is doing. Also how, is Scott? I may have missed a recent post but cannot remember seeing an update from you for a while. I hope you are doing well too.

  • nanuk
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    He warned that he would be in Hospital and AWOL for a while..
  • spongebob
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    Ahoy, everyone, I'm back - 2nd surgery hopefully next week. I'm OK, just a little bit sore.

    I appreciate your concern, but this isn't cancer-related. Problem from scar tissue due to an injury several years ago.

    Hope everyone had a great Labor/Labour (for Lisa Rose & Andy and Kanga & Jen) Day weekend!

    - Sponge