Vacation Celebration

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Hi all,
We just returned from 10 days on a lake in Maine, where we have vacationed every year for the last 18, in a camp setting with other friends. Last year this time, I had just completed chemo and had an unrelated-to-cancer thyroid removal. I had lost weight, felt run down (and run over!), and had just heard that my old job was no longer being held open.
Now, 1 year later, I am NED, with a new job that I love, and exercising regularly. I even did the high ropes course with my 18 year old son (well, not as much as he did), not bad for a nearly (gulp) 55 yo mom.
The past year and a half is not one I would wish on anyone, but I do feel that I have been changed in many positive ways by my experiences. Laying on the dock with hubby and kids, counting shooting stars in an incredibly vast sky, I felt profundly touched and grateful for having arrived at this point.
Finding this board has also been an important part of my treatment and continued hopes for recovery. For all you newbies, hang in there; we have all found the strength to deal with our fates; and to all old friends, thanks for all your help. With gratitude, Judy


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    Hi Judy,

    What a lovely post! I think you and I finished chemo at the same time. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well.


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    Thank You Judy glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation. I hope to take one soon need it badly and just going to take one. I agree finding this board is truly a big help in recovery it does so much. Someone is always here to allievate your fears and questions. I hope you have many more beautful vacations. Livin(Montiel)-smile.
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    I know what you are saying. I am glad that your vacation was a beautiful experience.
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    Hi Judy,

    I am so happy for you. Your vacation was certainly much needed and deserved. I wish many blessings your way.