Having a BMT and it didn't work

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I had hodgkins disease in 1999. I thought I got it taken care of in September of 2000. The area was in my lungs and throat and spleen. Now its near my liver and pancreas. I have 5-6 massess and the largest was 8 cm now its 4. It is going down but will it go away? Well, I called my doctor and he told me to get with my regular physican. She had moved her business and there was no way to get in touch with her. I found another doctor and he did blood work it showed up nothing. We moved to another state in 2003 and I started seeing another doctor here and the blood work came back I had hodgkins again, from 6 months up to now i had not seen a doctor with the right diagnosis and so its been 2 years growing. When i probably had it a year after i had got rid of it. So i had more chemo and rad and a BMT. Went through all that and its still there. I am going to have to go through this all again the doctors are telling me. Will I ever get through this and will it ever go away? Does any one go through this? My sister died with a brain tumor and I am raising her children. My sister was 22 and she had cancer the same time in 1999 that i did. WHY?? I need some people to talk to with the same situation with my cancer not about their siblings but about going through a BMT and having to go through that again. What are the odds?


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    Ok first of all forget about how everyone else responded to this treatment or any other type for that matter. I know statistics always stick in our heads but remember that first person to actually survive Cobalt radiation 7500+ GY and is still talking about it 30 odd years later? I will try to find cases of second BMT I can point your way but you have got to really focus on doing everything you can to help your body help you. Also look at this link they have a lot of BMT veterans. Get with the nutritionist right now and set your diet around everything required for the building blocks of new healthy red / white cells. I can not stress how important that is. I was a typical beer drinking pizza slamming buff army dude and LIVER and BROCCOLI! NO WAY! But I tell you the diet is temporary while you go through treatment and you can trash it later if you wish. I did not. How ever I had 6 cycles MOPP/ABV and for IIA maybe IIB that was considered radical. I only had 1 transfusion and never spent a single night in the hospital. But I made my self eat everything my body might need. Look to the FACTS of science we are for real what we eat. I do not believe food alone can cure a disease but I do 100% believe in order to grow healthy cells you must eat correct. Look at even a 100% healthy person after 30 days of crap versus 30 days of pure nutrition’s. I cannot put myself in your shoes nor can anyone else. We are each 100% unique and no one at the DNA level can respond 100.00% the same. You did it once you can do it again. Study your first BMT, I still carry copies of my medical records (complete copies) and read over them still today to see if anything could have been done better in case it does show up again. I do have a life and this does not consume me, I apply the knowledge of health and my will to overcome all obstacles every day to ever situation. You need to do the same. No one can fight this for you, you have got to do it. I would be happy to give any support I can, even if just to talk through the ups and downs. robertpolley@aol.com Good luck and God’s speed to victory!
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    I am also facing another possible bmt. I'm 22 on Mon. so not looking forward to this. I had my bmt in Jan 05 I was orginally diagnosed in Oct 03. Standard chemo did not work so off to a bmt. I HAVE BEEN IN REMISSION SINCE BUT, My PET/CT SHOWED A NODE WAS ACTIVE.TALK ABOUT SCARED.Please hang in there better days ahead.It still is very treatable. So my Dr. says. how old are you?
    Take care and email if you like .

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