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Hello!! I want to say this to all colons and semicolons. If there are folks who talk negative about what we are going through, get away from them. There was a co-worker of mine in 2001 that had cancer and passed away 2002. We were a close knit work group and would go visit or call her. She moved in with her mom and if we called over to check on the co-worker, the mom would say oh, she's not doing any good today and our co-worker could hear her mom say this. I would actually cry so because these people had no faith and always were negative. Well I was diagnosed in 2003 and I hate my co-worker's mom found out. The same doctors who treated my co-worker are treating me. I believe with all my heart and soul, a positive attitude and a strong belief in God will carry you through all and anything. I found out if I surround myself around positive folks, not listen to them and most of all keep believing in God, everything will be okay.


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    Amen to the positive attitude! Sad to say, you just have to stay away from people who will drag you down. Seems like they're not happy unless someone is miserable.

    Keep looking up and get those endorphins running through your body! Laughter has healing properties, too, so get a few giggles every day. I do this by spending time with my 3-year old granddaughter, who is a HOOT. Just watching her and listening to her talk makes me laugh.

    Best wishes!
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    I have stage 4 ca and i refuse to give in.. i have switched oncologists - i found one who is a christian, and his methods of treatment are aggressive. i'm only 46 years old - i have a lot of living to do with God's grace. Take care everyone!
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    I accidentally replied to this under the message above (Pa in ER). Please see above for my agreement!