emergency brain surgery

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It was so nice go get on these boards and to see how well everyone is doing - keep up the great work!

Well my dad is doing fine and his 6 month post treatment followup is due at the end of this month so I'm already getting sick about that of course.

This past week on top of everything my dear hubby had emergency brain surgery due to a hemorrhage. Two years ago he had an angioplasty done where they put a stent in his right main artery and now this. The doctors claim that the hemorrage was due to the coumadin that he was on because of his heart condition. The neurosurgeons expect a full recovery but of course he will need physical rehab to get better. All this and he is only 35 years old. It has been such a horrible year for me and my family. First my dad's diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer last summer and now this. I guess I should be forever grateful though that my dad is NED and hopefully stays this way forever and that my hubby is expected to make a full recovery, but again, how much more of this can i take!!!

Anyway I would so appreciate it if everyone could kindly keep both my dad who's scans are scheduled in two weeks and my hubby in their prayers.

You guys are forever in my prayers and again I am so happy to hear of all the NED's happening around here.



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    Hi Susana,

    My goodness, you certainly have had more than your fair share. I pray that your husband's rehabilitation goes smoothly and quickly and that your dad will remain NED!

    Keep us posted.


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    YOU GOT IT Susana!!

    Prayers go up every day before my feelt hit the floor. Your hubby will be added. :-)

    peace, emily
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    I am sorry to here about your husband glad to hear recovery is good. I know how you feel My mother had a stroke 1 month after my dx of breast cancer. She recovered with left sided weakness. The week of my cat scan last week she fell and fracture her arm and hip. No disrepect but what don't kill us will only make us stronger.I have many more ups and downs during my cancer ordeal but won't go into them. Things will get better. I'll say a prayer for your family. Livin
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    Sorry to hear you have to go through all this, but I will focus on the good news...your dad is ned and your husband came through the surgery. Will send up prayers that his recovery goes smoothly and your dad remains ned.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's medical emergency. You are right to try and focus on the good news about dad; it is horrible to get through any illness, the panic and worries can be so overwheming.
    Many prayers and good thoughts are coming your way, for a complete recovery for your husband, and continued good news for your dad. Judy
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    What a year! The only recompense that we are finding to our own year from hell is that as we amerge from it all we look on life with a renewed vigour and appreciation that has come about due to trauma of teh illness. It doesn't make it worth while but at least is a silver lining to a very grey cloud. i hope you can find your own silver lining to all you have been through. Let us know how the followup goes and will be thinking of you and your family,