what good advice can i give my uncle whom has cancers

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my uncle has stomach and throat for sure, others unknown. he turned down chemo, which is okay. but he's not taking anything to keep his immune system up. the doctor do not want to tell him any alternative option because they wan't him to take the chemo. i'm scared that i'm losing him. what can i do to help. i belive he is in his last stages, can it be prolonged.Also he do not have any insurance on himself is it to late since he has been diagnoised already.


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    I am so sorry your uncle is having to face such difficult decisions. It is very hard to watch those we love struggle. My best to both of you. If you have specific questions I would recommend the acor list group (www.acor.org) There are a number of stomach cancer survivors who participate on the list. Go to the acor site and register for the stomach cancer list. You might also want to try the esphageal list as it is much more active. Good compassionate people on both lists.

    I do not know much about nutritional supplements or alternative medicine as I went the traditional route of surgery/chemo and radiation. It worked for me and I am now cancer free. It is possible to beat stomach cancer. It is worth the fight.