When to Scan??

cancerRN Member Posts: 1
My mother had NHL large B cell and received 6 cycles of CHOP/Rituxan. She is now considered to be in remission. She hasn't had a CT scan since last October as her MD says there isn't a need for it and that a scan may only discover a relapse a few weeks before she would feel symptoms anyway as it is very aggressive.
What are your experiences with follow up scans? And have any of you heard similar things from your oncologist??


  • califdeb
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    I have same diagnosis and exact same treatment and in remission. My doctor scheduled a CT scan after my last chemo and one three months from last chemo. She states after the 3 month that we would do one every six months thereafter. I am being treated by the City of Hope in CA. Hope this information helps as I am worried about a relapse just as I am sure your mom is thinking about.