Bowel&urine urgency.side effects?

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Diagnosis, rectal cancer. started chemo and radiation last wednesday(mon-fri, weekend off)
My pa is experincing bowel urgency about every 30 min. however he eliminates very little. He also has burning with urination and slow flow. Is this common? thanks!


  • chynabear
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    Pia, your best bet is going to be to contact his doctor. That being said, I was dx with Colon cancer and for a few months after the colon resection surgery I had the same issue with frequent/urgent bowel urgency and eliminating very little. My doctors weren't concerned with this and after a few months it has gotten better, for the most part. I am still not "normal" in the bowel evacuation area.

    As for the urinary problems, that sounds more like a urinary tract infection. He needs to be drinking lots of fluids to avoid this. If he does in fact have a UTI it is best if he goes to the dr asap to test and possibly be put on antibiotics for this.

    Hope this helps,

  • taraHK
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    When I had chemoradiation (for rectal tumour), I had very frequent bowel movements -- with only a little output each time. I attributed this to diarrhea due to the radiation.

    I agree with Patricia (Chynabear) that the burning urination is of some concern and should be checked out -- to rule out urinary tract infection.
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