immuno therapy for CLL

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Has anyone tried this and if so how did it go?


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    To find others with similar treatments or situations, you may want to browse through the other postings. If you find someone you would like to contact, you can do so through the CSN internal email system. You can use the envelope icon below the individual's message to do this quickly.

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    I've had two seperate sessions with Rituxin. The first one was stopped due to response to the drug. We tried it again, at my request, 8 months later, as even the small amount I had been given initially had cleared out my blood, and administered 8 weeks , 3 days a week, six hours a day (it was watered down so I could tolerate it). It is now four months since my last infusion. My blood was cleaned out, but it had little effect on the massive amount of lymph nodes. Some did decrease in size minimally.

    Would I opt to do it again? You'd better believe it. If it keeps me stable and doesn't mess with my good cells, why not. Save the big guns for later. I believe I may be facing a stem cell transplant in the future so that's another reason I want to stay away from official chemos. I'm sure I'll get more than enough of those at the appropriate time.

    Hope it helps.