Sunday Ice Cream Social

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So... we finally meet Sponger's Mum. She is a real person and real sweet. Go figure.
We got a taste of Lisa's new dragon slayer diet. Even my veggie niece was impressed. She pronounced the food "totally healthy" and she will not let anything suspect pass her daughter's lips. We are still working on the fresh corn she let us take home.
I am totally happy with lisa's news. When will she finally relax and allow herself to be convinced that she dogged the bullet (my oncologist's phrase for what hapened to me)
Ava said "I love you" for the first time last night after polising off some of that famoulsly delicious corn and we like to think it was meant for Lisa. But it could be for "Bub" as she called him--she likes men and they flirted shamelessly in front of everyone.
Aspaysia, still flying high on her joyous experience.


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    Some wierd hours I keep Asp. It is 2.00am here now. My post above tells it all. Anyway...nuph of that. I loved seeing the pics babe. Always good to see some smilin faces and I really, really am sorry that I was not able to phone up. You would have to ask Jen how really pissed off I was. I have saved the pic of you n Lisa n Bob...later I will print it out and laminate it so it can go on the wall with all our other friends. Very "warming" to me to be able to see all your faces watching over me.
    Luv to yah dear gal.
    Ross n Jen