Young Survivors Rock!

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I think its time we kick this board up a notch. I will always believe that as young survivors we are a force to be reckoned with. Id love to see everyone posting about anything and everything on this board because its what it is here for. Whatever is on your mind feel free to post it because someone may feel the same thing or of had the same problem.

I miss all of you and Im sorry Im not around as much. Work is takin its toll on me.



  • jbb
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    We sure do!
    Two fish were in a tank.
    One turns to the other and says " I´ll man the guns, you drive"
  • unibal
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    jbb said:

    We sure do!
    Two fish were in a tank.
    One turns to the other and says " I´ll man the guns, you drive"

    haha i have to use that joke, i hope im not the only one who found that hillarious.
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    I have to agree, young survivors are definately a force to be reckoned with. I'm now 26, 10 yrs. past cancer and treatment, married and a mom...and scared out of my witts!

    I always bruise easily, I'm always tired (chalk it up to two small kids, caring for an ailing FIL, etc.) but over the past little while, things have been bugging me. I'm not one to totally flip out, but yet I have a sneaking suspicion something is wrong. I have swollen lymph nodes, low grade fevers at nights, frequent infections, and joint pain. Over the past week, I developed an odd rash. It itched at first but now it seems to be clearing up. I spent about a week trying to figure it out...and then happened upon some info about one of my previous chemo drugs and the fact that it can cause an Acute Leukeima years later. It's been a decade. Add to that the fact that I have a lifestyle factor that puts me at an increased risk for AML and well...I made a phone call to the Dr. this morning. My family physican not my oncologist...can't see him again without a referral. They set my appointment for tomorrow morning. I have too much on the line. But then after I made the appointment, my husband informed me that there is a good possibility I will have to cancel it...his dad is in the hospital now with cardiac problems. Sort of puts my hubby between a rock and a hard place, and I understand his point of view. But I have this radar going off inside me that seems to have no patience. LOL. I don't want to deal with cancer again, but I'd rather face it and beat it than to ignore it, post pone it and it cost me my life. My husband doesn't understand a survivor's mind or the fact that this is something that lives in the back of our minds for the rest of our lives.
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