Low white cell count after allogenic stem cell transplant for ALL

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Hi, my dad had a stem cell tranplant back in December and so far, he's been doing relatively well. When he went for his weekly check up today, they told him white cell counts were really low and he is borderline neutropenic. Now I'm worried that maybe he is relapsing. Has anyone gone through this?

He had ALL with Philadelphia Chromosome.

Thanks, Kerri


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    Hi KerriAnn, I've the same question for my friend. She had a transplantation in December too. I'm french and sorry if I write not very well. I think that she had stem cell transplantation as your dad (transplatation from blood cells of umbilical cord = stem cell transplantation?).
    And as your dad, her last check up (yesterday) shows a low white cell counts. Today, a marrowbone punction would give more information. This is a normal step or is it worring?
    Thanks, Chris