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I have seen several posts regarding juicing. Do you have any juice recommendations??? i must admit i am so tired and lazy right now and usually do not even get a shower in to the day, so i hate to use my juicer and have to clean it all up! between going and getting radiation, meeting with my docs, counseling, hypnosis/meditation help, and my beautiful 13 week old baby girl, i do not know what i would do if i were working right now! my radiation is over next week and i am promising myself daily to be better with my nutrition and exercise. i have to. i hate this cancer and want it gone from my life forever. i have made carrot juice and mixed it with organic apple juice. any other suggestions?


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    Hi claudia,
    My husband Reini was diagnosed with stage 3 duodenal cancer (smallcolon) 3 weeks after we had our little baby girl, our guardian angel is now 9 months old and crawling! We are so lucky to have her and I am sure you feel the same about your baby. Reini finished his 6months of chemo and is doing well, his next tests are in Nov. Quite a number of books we read suggested juices as a quick way of piling good vitamins and minerals into the body withouot having to break down fibre etc.
    He has 3 juices daily and had them on the good week throughout his chemo. He has an apple a carrot and a celery stick ( all organic) 3 times a day. When he was having chemo he had neutral flavour protein powder thrown in for more energy. The best type of juicer that a number of cancer sites and books recommend is a masticating one. They are supposed to retain the most vitamins rather than the centrifugal one. It is also actually easier to clean too but is more expensive. I know cleaning is a hassle but it has really helped Reini. I guess me being on maternity leave has given reini and extra hand to help make juises etc, do you have anyone you can help esp with a baby. Beetroot is supposed to be good but reini found it hard to drink for it is so strong, he sometimes puts a few spinach leaves or other leafy greens in and adds an extra apple to mask the tast! Good Luck Belinda
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    Hi there!

    This is what I know. Carrot, red delicious apple (highest antoxidant amt of all of the apples), spinach and parsley. Some people add garlic, beets wheat grass.....
    I'm new, but this is what I hear about. You will love it!!!
    There are a few on site who know a lot.....they will chime in for you.
    Take care and best of luck. Oh - and try to buy only organic fruits and veggies.
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    Twice daily I do about 12 oz. of juice. I use one beet smaller then my fist. I had to build up to that cuz it is potent. 3 carrots, 2 large or 3 medium stalks of celery (leaves removed) and a wedge of cabbage. I add ginger root, spinach, parsley and some other things sometimes too but mostly I stick to the basic or just straight carrots (6-7). I got this "recipe" from my naturopathic doctor. I have liver mets and the beets are great for that. I must admit it wasn't too good at first, so I cut back on the beets until my taste buds adjusted (they really do, I promise). I just kept telling meself that it was better then the alternatives and now I enjoy it.

    Lisa P.
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    hi claudia,

    Well, as a mother of five I can completely understand how tired you must be with a baby. Compound that with having cancer and going through treatment my hat is off to you.

    If you already have a juicer then you are ahead of the game. But I think, in light of the situation, that this is where you call in the supporting cast, your reserve troops, your comrades in arms and get THEM juicing for you at least three times a day EVERY day. Now.

    You should not have to be cleaning your own produce, juicing and then having to clean up. You need to be healing and baby tending.

    If ANY of your friends or family asks, "what can I do to help?" THIS would be the time to say, "Come juice me!"

    My daughter (who was 12 at the time) and my hubby became my primary juicers at the beginning. It was just too draining for me to do it all. I juiced three quarts/day.

    Here was/is my recipe for a 16 oz:

    2-4 carrots (depending on the size)
    1 celery stalk
    1 handful parsley
    1 big handful spinach
    1 apple
    1 small chunk of ginger

    protein powder (I have used--soy, rice, pea, whey over the years at various times)
    GREEN powders--either Kyo-Green or Barleans Greens or Green Magma or Perfect Food--currently I am using Barleans Greens.

    The green powder is ESPECIALLY important b/c it adds various nutrients that I am not juicing such as wheat grass or barley grass etc.

    This is general info for anyone reading this post but one of the reasons why I have juiced over the years is the LIVE ENZYMES from FRESH ORGANIC veggies juices. I try to feed my body at a cellular level. This is like main-lining nutrients right into your veins. And man does it feel fine!! :-) Nothing like being high on life!! and living!!

    to me GREEN = LIFE.

    hope this helps. Get a juicing partner--a juicing nanny--a juicing guru-- a juicing angel whatever. JUST JUICE!! :-)

    peace, emily whose teeth are now turning an interesting shade of orange--hope the whitening strips really work!! haha