hi everyone! i'm new here...

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..i'm new here. I start by saying that i'm not the one with problems, my boyfriend's father is. So i just want to do something for him cause he is in a very bad move.
His father has colon cancer, and now he is doing chemoradiations, and i don't know for sure when is the surgery... today he find out that the blood tests are very bad.. and he also have liver problems , 'cause of the chemoradiations..
Please, if anyone can give me some advices about the food, or the things he is able or not to do, or what he can do to get ride of that pain when he is sitting down..

Thank u, and i hope i can receive some good advices from u, during this weeks till the surgery, and after that.


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    what a sweet, caring gesture you have made for your boyfriend and his father. Regarding specific suggestions for the pain, he should be talking to his oncologist. But some things I found helpful were a product called aquaphor. I also use baby wipes to wipe with instead of toilet tissue. It is a bit more gentle to the skin. Others have told about using a product called calmoseptine (i think that's the name of it). You can scroll through old messages to find other suggestions. Regarding food...it's been a long time (2 years) since I went through the chemo/radiation bit, but I remember there was nothing that i wanted to eat. Drove my husband CRAZY!!! Just keep offering him whatever he wants.
    But most of all...just be there for him and your boyfriend. You are obviously a very caring lady.
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    hi andreea,


    I cannot advise you on what he should be eating for chemoradiations since I never did any....but I CAN tell you that cancer feeds on sugar so he should not be eating any refined sugars or white flours or processed foods at all. He should be be getting optimal nutrition.....veggies, whole grains, etc.--organic when possible.

    Colon cancer is dietary related 80% of the time so it makes sense to improve the diet.

    Hope this helps.

    peace, emily