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I am 31 years old, and was just diagnosed last week with vulvar cancer, and was given an immediate referral from my regular OB/GYN to a GYN/ONC who I will be seeing for the first time next week. My regular OB/GYN did not give me a whole lot of info, as far as what stage I am, how bad it is, etc... Is it normal to receive this info. from the GYN/ONC instead of from the OB/GYN? All I have had done so far is a punch biopsy which was performed by my OB/GYN. Will there be further tests before surgery that I should expect to determine whether or not this cancer has spread to other areas? Anyone with input please reply. Thank you so much.


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    Hi BabySstr,
    I'm not sure what has happened since your post, but I hope things are going well. I am 41 and was diagnosed will vulva carcinoma in March of this year. Mine was stage 0 "carcinoma in situ" and I had a partial vulvectomy in April. My surgery went very well, with minimal discomfort and disfigurement. I now go in every 3 months for follow-up visits. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything with me.
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    Hi my name is Tracy im 34 .I was diagnoised in January of this year with stage 3 vulva cancer. I had surgery and finished about 2 months ago chemo and radiation. If i can be of any help or you would just like to talk please feel free to contact me . I hope everything goes well for you.
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    I too was diagnosed with vulvar cancer in October of last year. My doctor set appointment for me with a OB/GYN onocologist. My OB/GYN doctor did not tell me what stage I was, only that the tumor was about the size of a large marble. The onocologist said I was probably stage 3 or 4. I had surgery, the tumor and 2 lymph nodes were removed in January, and my followup pap smear 5 months later was "clean." I was told by the onocologist that chemo would not work on my cancer, but recommended 30 consecutive treatments of radiation. I refused the radiation. I have contacted two other women on this website that also had radiation, and hearing their stories convinced me I wanted no part of it. I however; am going to be 54 years old next month. I am not as young as you are. All I know is that vulvar cancer, and vaginal cancer are not real common cancers. You can verify this by looking at the number of entries made at the American Cancer Society web site. If you call them, they will send you a booklet on vulvar/vaginal cancer. That's what I did.

    I wish you luck, and hope that your cancer is removable thru surgery, like mine was.
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    I feel like I was reading about myself when I read your message. I just turned 30 & had my regular yearly pap right after my birthday in June & my OB/GYN ran a biopsy because she saw irregularities on my vulva, which came back at class 3. I had a partial vulvectomy on July 22, with 2 wide excisions. It ended up being a much bigger surgery than anticipated, and I am still healing. My oncologist did not prepare me whatsoever for the extent of recovery time I would go through. I have to have laser surgery in September, and so far what I've read about it, it sounds like a very unpleasant experience. I also am getting very depressed, b/c it has taken so long to recover & I can't walk for long periods of time w/out it hurting or sit for long periods of time either, so I find I'm missing out on even normal day to day activities. I just have to keep remembering that it was caught early enough that it can be treated, and I'd rather give up 4 or so months of my life to get through this then die from cancer, but it really is hard and I feel like none of my friends or family really understand what I am going through. Am looking for anyone that wants to talk more about this, who has had similar feelings or experiences, and would be happy to further talk about my own if that can help anyone.
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    57 years old and I just had a operation this June for vular cancer stage o .Will soon be going for my first check up to see if I am free of cancer.I am a smoker, trying to stop. Just taking one day at a time .
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    What is you status now? Did you have surgery?