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Hey Everyone,
The doc said that if I had been any other patient he would have patted me on the back and said "Take the 'roid meds and you will be fine" (o.k. he didn't exactly use the word "roid") BUT with my HISTORY he wants to do some BIOPSIES! AHHH! I HATE that word. It scares the proverbial poop right outa me.
SO anyway, I guess they are trying to schedule the thing for June 28 'cause I am having a minor procedure done that day. He said he doesn't need the full scope just a "peek". (he DID use the word peek).
I want you guys to know how much you help me so please forgive me as I post my fears away 'till we get the good news.
I love ya all.


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    Taunya -

    We'll keep you in out prayers. Good to see that the doc is being extra cautious with you. Try to keep that in mind - that he's being EXTRA cautious with you - and don't let yourself get too scared.

    Be well, Taunya.

    - SB
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    After everything we semicolon folks have been through a peak is pretty dang positive. One thing about this disease is that humility goes right out the door.
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