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I had a surgical biposy last Friday for suspicious calcifications. Today, I got the path results back and everything was benign. Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post. I was so frightened and I was certain that I would be facing chemo again [I'm hormone negative.]

I'm 40, 20 months past first dx of bc and 1
year out of treatment. In the past few weeks, I've come to the realization that I need to learn to live in chunks of time between office visits and manage my fears a little better. I don't know yet how best to do this, but I realize now that it's the only way that I will get any quality out of my life.

Any thoughts on how I can start this process? Good books to recommend? I know there are so many of you who successfully manage the fear and I really want to make some progress if possible. Thanks in advance.



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    Funny you should ask about good books...hmmm...let me think. Oh yeah! I wrote one! *smile* Cancer And Beyond
    It's the "beyond" part that gets you. Best I can say is live each day for what it might be, for what it might have ever been, even before "the diagnosis" and that's the last day of your life. It's hard to do, but it is the truth. No one and I mean NO ONE knows when it's going to be their last day. You've been awakened to that fact so now receive as the blessing that it is, for you have been given a "new lease on life"!
    God bless.

    YOU GO GIRL! YOU GO GIRL! UH-HUH! UH-HUH! Glad to hear the good news on your test~!
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    hip hip hoorah!!!!!!