need prayers

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hello to everyone.i had a ct. scan on see how my chemo is progressing with the cancer.could i get a few extra prayers coming my way.i would really appreciate it.i hope to know something by this week.but i admit that i'm worried a little bit.thank you so much and may god bless all cancer patients and their caregivers!


  • markatger
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    Hi Lawleete,

    I just had scans myself after 4 rounds of chemo. We all know the worry that is involved. I got fairly good results - tumor shrinkage and less active. I've still got a long way to go to being NED, but this was a good start. I wish you the best - maybe you'll be like someone I saw on here recently whose tumors aren't even visible to scans anymore!

  • Networks
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    Lawleete, more prayers are coming your way! Hugs and God bless.
  • iloveron
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    I'm just learning how to pray, and I'm getting really good at it. You can be sure YOU will be in mine and my Bible group too. Blessings to YOU from Washington State.
  • nettie4
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    i will be praying for Gods grace peace and mercy to wrapped around you tightly now and forever.

  • alta29
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    Will be praying for you too....just got my results back last Friday and I was NED...
    God bless you all....
  • neeliec
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    Count on our prayers! blessings, neelieC
  • taunya
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    I am praying for you as I type! Sending good health vibes too.